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Pencil Case Make Up Bag

The unicorn make up bag pencil case is the perfect solution for your shopping needs. This stylish and stylish cosmetic travel girls' bag features a unique elephant design and is made from sturdy materials. It's the perfect way to keep your groceries, school supplies and other everyday items safe and secure.

Free Shipping Pencil Case Make Up Bag

This is a perfect little pencil case to keep all your crayon tools safe and secure. The soft, comfortable fabric is sure to make your writing look better than ever. The keyhole to fit your writing tools and the front pocket to keep your pencil inside. This is the perfect bag for any creative need.
this is a creative pencil case that features a mini pencils case and a makeup bag case. The pencil case is filled with all sorts of tools for makeup research and created by using a drawstring bag as a storage container. It comes with a pouch for a make up bag and a nimble credit card slot for transactions.
this is an amazing make up bag pencil case! The map of the world is so cool and the leather is perfect for this. It makes it very easy to take with you when you need to journal or take notes in class.